1. 2020.11.12

    Appeared on the BS TV TOKYO program, Wtashi ga Nihon ni sumu riyu

    Ilan yanizky appeared in the BS tvTOKYO (BS7ch)program, "Watashi ga nihon ni sumu riyu",200th anniversary special programfeaturing 8 people among past guests.Nov.2, 2020, pm8:00-10:00.  Thank you for …

  2. 2020.10.15

    Ilan Yanizky Studio Group Show was held

    Thank you for coming to the Ilan Yanizky Studio Group ShowOct. 9(Fri) - 13(Tue.), 2020 at SPACE ZERO in Shinjuku…

  3. 2019.09.25

    Interview was in the HIGHFLYERS magazine.

    Ilan Janizky's interview article was in HIGHFLYERS.  The article is Japanese.<a href="http://www.highflyers.nu/bs/ilanyanitzky/">go to the article→</a>…