Sumie and Calligraphy Artist

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Sumie Artist Ilan Janizky

Ilan Janizky is Tokyo based Sumie Artist from Israel. Even in the paintings used sumi-ink only, you will find how colorful they are! Enjoy his Sumie world.

Janizky Sumie Art Class

Study Sumie and Calligraphy with Ilan Janizky.

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Seal Carving

Janizky's unique seal designs are inspired from Kanji, astrology and Zen. You can also find humorous ones.

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Janizky Artworks

Visit instagram to see Janizky's artworks.

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Ilan Janizky Works

  1. Shikishi
  2. Calligraphy & Abstract
  3. Postcard
  4. Sumie